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From the album Versatile.


Lyrics for "Why"
Sung by; Jos Garcia

I, I thought that your love was true
You said that you'll never go
And why did you leave me sad and blue

Nights, I spend all the nights alone
I spend myself on my own
Asking all the time what went wrong.

You, You lied when you vowed
you would stay
And believed you when you said
That we're meant to be
you and me.


I, I still keep on wondering why
Just what made you change your mind
And why did you have to say goodbye

Tears, I count all the tears as they fall
Your name is still the one i call
I always see your face on the wall

You, You took my life away from me
All my hopes and dreams forever
Everything that i've been living for.

Why, Oh why did you have to go
When i build my world around you
When you know my life depends on you.