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From the album Versatile.


Lyrics for "Tonight"
Sung by; Jos Garcia

Tonight will be the night
I pledge my love to you forever
Tonight we'll paint the dreams
We will be dreamin' together

Tonight you're mine
And i belong to none but you boy
The time is right a moment longer
Is too late yeah.

Tonight you will become
The song that i will sing forever
My thoughts and fantasies
Will all be colored by you boy

[Repeat CHORUS]

Feel the fire burning in my soul
In my arms is where you do belong

[Repeat CHORUS]

Tonight Yeah yeh
Love is in the air
Feel The fire tonight
Tonight Yeah yeyeh
Love is in the air
Feel my love tonight..
Tonight..Kiss me fantasize
Hold me visualize
You'll gonna kiss and hold me baby
Baby tonight ooohh
Kiss me ,Hold me
I feel like ah,It's never gonna end forever
I feel your body next to mine yeah
I'm gonna give my love for you ,Tonight...