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Vocal; Jos Garcia
Music arranged by; Michael De Lara
Words and music by; Nonoy Tan


Lyrics for "So close to being close to you"
sung by Jos Garcia
Hello was all we said
Now i can't get you out f my head
Something in your smile i guess
Left my heart so breathless
My eyes just couldn't help but sigh
This heart of mine can no longer deny
It's such a special feeeling
I know the love is waiting around the bend

I'm so close to being close to you
It only takes awhile for two
A love that smile at me from you
For all we know this love may grow.

It all seems like a dream
Can't believe this is happening
Now you're here so close to me
Something i thought i could never be
And i know i meant for something good
I'm trying to make it last if i could
Got to get a little closer
I'm so close to getting to know you better.

[Repeat Chorus]
[Repeat Chorus]

I'm so close to being close to you
So close to being close to you
So close to being yeah hey close to you
Yehey yeah yeh.....