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A song dedicated to all the loving Mother in the entire world.


MOTHER (Lyrics)
Words and music by; Jos Garcia
Singer; Jos Garcia
Released date; May 20, 2023

You are the sunshine to light my day 
Throughout my life you’re always near me 
When I was young you helped me grow 
And taught me all many things I had to know. 
Mother the most precious in the world 
You gave the gift of life to me. 
The sparkle in your kind and loving eyes. 
Mother your  tender smile to guide my way 
Your tender care and loving arms 
How much you’ve made a difference in my life. 
I want to thank you the things you’ve done to me 
We have special bond which only comes from God 
If  I could have chosen I would have picked 
No other than for you to be my precious Mother. 
Mother you’re a creation like no other 
You left us peaceful memories 
Though we can’t see you’re always in our hearts 
Mother you are the treasure of my heart 
Yes, you are my guiding star 
You’ve made my life with selfless love and grace.