CONCERT AT XLV Xavier L- Vuitton Bar 2019 Kyoto, City


Let me be emotional as I say my piece of gratitude. 

As you all know, I underwent a life changing experience barely a month ago. This incident caused me so much pain, stress and anxiety. 

But God is truly good. On 15 November 2019, I regained my old self as I was able to overcome such experience. As if I regained a part of me and a sudden change in myself occured. 

On 23 November 2019, I am back performing in my new home, XLV Xavier L-Vuitton Bar in Kyoto City. 

I consider this event as my comeback show as I overcome a very painful experience just weeks ago. 

It was a successful day. I had two equally entertaining shows that I know left smiles in the faces of my audience. 

Now, let me recognize those who helped me in those shows: 

To the management and staff if XLV, you are all amazing! Thank you for all the ssistance. You never miss to make me feel that I am your princess. 

To the technical staff, I always appreciate your expertice in making sure I will have a great show. 

To the main chef of XLV, your art is wonderful! Thank you for the sumptious meal served to all of us and to our guests. 

To my bandmates, I know you got my back. I am always confident we can deliver great music. 

To those who spent time to watch me perform, I am truly grateful for all the support you showed me through out my career. You are the reason why I continue to perfect my craft. 

And to all those who nade their presence felt despite the distance, I will always be in debt to all your good deeds towards me. 

Once again, thank you to all of you and hoping you enjoyed the show. 





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