Oriental Kyoto Suzakutei Jos Garcia Live Japan.

July 21 2019

I went to entertain the show, yet people went dancing! My last performance at the Kyoto Suzakutei was truly festive. 

The management and staff of Suzakutei made sure that I will be treated like a princess and I truly thank them for that. I am likewise looking forward to my next show in their place. 

The Filipino Community also made their presence felt. I am truly happy to see a large number of them in the crowd. Let me tell you that I truly appreciate your support. 

My sister was there as well to help me prepare for the show. She made sure that I will look great when I perform on stage. Thank you for the help. 

People were dancing as I sing. I would like to let everyone know that I am appreciative to all those present as they spent time to witness me perform on stage. 

Lastly, to those who showed their support in their own way, rest assured that I am truly grateful. Your support and admiration fuels me to master my craft. 

Again, thank you to everyone and looking forward to seeing you in my next shows. 

ジョスガルシア より

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