Jos Garcia guesting at XLV Louis Vuitton Disco Night

In behalf of my fellow artists who shared the stage with me last 8 March 2019, I would like to thank the following who helped made the show a success! To the management and staff of Xavier Louis Vuitton, I am always thankful for your undying support to my talent. It seems that you truly appreciate my craft given that I am always being invited to perform. My gratitude is way beyond with the appreciation you are extending to me and my fellow talents. To the technical staff, we are always thankful for all the assistance before, during and after the show. You make our performance a step higher with your technical expertise. To my fellow talents, it is always my pleasure to share the stage with you. I am hoping that you enjoyed the show as well. To all those who supported us, especially those who personally went to seeus perform, kindly accept our heartfelt gratitude. You are the reason why we continue to improve our craft. It was a great show we had last 8 March 2019! Looking forward for the next one.


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