Sunflower Ferry Cruise Japan (Jos Garcia Show February 8,9,10 2019)

I was invited to perform at the Sunflower Cruise Ferry last February 8-10, 2019. I am very thankful to the production staff who welcomed me very warmly. Likewise, the staff and management of the cruise are so accomodating that I truly felt at home during my stay to perform. All of these are my debt of gratitude to my pianist, Ms. Miwata. She has been the instrument for me to be able to perform in such new platform. The experience I gained was truly wonderful and advantageous to me as a performing artist. I was able to adapt several approach which are integral to me as a performer. The experience also exposed me to know several other individuals that are instrumental to me as a musician. To summarize, the performance I had was a pleasant learning experience. I am looking forward to my next invitation and hoping that I was able to put a smile to everyone who was able to watch me perform.

Love, Jos Garcia

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