Concert at XLV Xavier Louis Vuitton Bar & Restaurant December 2 2018

On 2 December 2018, I was given the chance to have a concert at the Xavier Louis Vuitton Bar in Kyoto City. 

Honestly, I was feeling a little tired since I just arrived from the Philippines a day before the show. 

But since I love performing and singing is my passion, I see to it that I the people who went to see me will have a good a relaxing time. 

To summarize, it was a great show as I shared the stage with Maria and Sabrina, both equally talented singers of XLV. 

For this, let me thank the management and staff of XLV for the invitation to perform my craft. Likewise, to the fans and supporters who peraonally witnessed our show, kindly accept my heartfelt gratitude. 

I am hoping that you will again support me the next time I perform on stage.

Love, Jos Garcia

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