Jos & Maria live in Himeji, City at LAGUNA 2 LOUNGE 2020

March 28,29 / 2020

We had a great show at Himeji City.

My deepest gratitude to Mama Charity, and Mama Yna.

To all my Co-Filipinos who watched the show "THANK YOU SO MUCH" from the buttom of my heart.



Jos Garcia Live performance at Pacific Venus Cruise 12 / 2019

December 2019

I, together with The Art Club Band provided daily entertainment to respectable guests of the said cruise. 

It is always my pleasure to be included in the yearly line up of performers since working in the said cruise…

CONCERT AT XLV Xavier L- Vuitton Bar 2019 Kyoto, City


Let me be emotional as I say my piece of gratitude. 

As you all know, I underwent a life changing experience barely a month ago. This incident caused me so much pain, stress…

Oriental Kyoto Suzakutei Jos Garcia Live Japan.

July 21 2019

I went to entertain the show, yet people went dancing! My last performance at the Kyoto Suzakutei was truly festive. 

The management and staff of Suzakutei made sure that I will be treated like a princess and…

Jos & The Playboys Band 2015 / 2016

Some of the photos during Jos & The Playboys Band weekly live performance at "AMERICAN GRAFFITIES OLDIES LIVE HOUSE" Kyoto, Japan.

Jos Garcia guesting at XLV Louis Vuitton Disco Night

In behalf of my fellow artists who shared the stage with me last 8 March 2019, I would like to thank the following who helped made the show a success! To the management and staff of Xavier Louis Vuitton, I…