XLV Louis Vuitton Bar & Dining Retro Music Concert February 24 , 2019

Sabrina, Maria, & Jos. Three gorgeous lady successful concert at Xavier Louis Vuitton Bar and Restaurant. It makes my heart full of love upon knowing and seeing that the tickets for my two (2) shows at the Xavier Louis Vuitton Bar were sold out. It was a very successful event wherein I shared the stage with Maria and Sabrina My show will not be as successful as it seems without the support of the management and staff of Xavier Louis Vuitton. I am always grateful for the special treatment you accord me every time I have a show in your place. To the owner of XLV, it is always my pleasure to perform in your place. I truly love the ambiance and the warm welcome. To the band members, thank you for providing the music to my art. You were all great during our show last Feb. 24 2019. To Maria and Sabrina, thank you for the opportunity to share the stage with you. Looking forward to our next show. Lastly, I would like to inform all those who supported me, especially those who took time to personally watch my show that I truly acknowledge your appreciation. Thank you for always being there for me and I am hoping you will keep on supporting my craft and music.

来て頂いた皆様にほんとにありがとうございます。? LOVE, Jos Garcia

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