JOS GARCIA LIVE PERFORMANCES at Ritz Carlton Hotel Osaka July / August 2018.

My stint with Ritz Carlton Hotel, Osaka has ended, and it was a great experience~… 

I was able to enjoy every moment I spent in that wonderful place. It was made more special by the people who surround and supported me during my shows???? 

Let me give a shout out to the following: 

To the persons behind the agency Mr. Ideguchi who invited me to perform in such elegant hotel, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the opportunity you extended for me to share my talent in a different stage. 

To all my pianists Mr. Steve Muller, Mr. Manabu, Mr. Yugo, Mr. Nishida, Mr. Kinoshita, Mr. James, Ms. Tada Emiko who accompanied my music, thank you for the harmony and melody that put feelings to my songs. 

To management and staff of Ritz Carlton Hotel, thank you for all the assistance and for making me feel welcome and appreciated to perform in your work place. 

Lastly, to all the people who enjoyed my music especially those who exerted effort to personally witness my performances at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, I will always be grateful to all your support and appreciation. 

I am looking forward to see you all again the next time I get an invitation to sing again in the same place. 

Special thanks to Ms. Mariah❤️ 

Love, Jos Garcia❤️????? 
July & August 2018




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