Musician,singer,songwriter,recording artist and producer. 
The Spanish Filipina blood born in Manila who grown up in a musical family. 
She grew up listening to music and began singing at the early age of seven.
Filipina singer, Jos Garcia is a celebrated personality in Japan, particularly Kyoto, where she is well known for her versatility as a performer and involvement in civic activities. 
How is Jos versatile? She is capable of projecting various emotions. A multi-media artist who sings, dances and acts.
A person who can speak different languages and with multiple talents. 

Her range of voice is amazing! At the young age of twelve, she can already sing classical music in churches as a member of a choir. She can switch music genres from pop to rock to R&B to soul to hip-hop without diminution in vocal quality and singing style. She does it while dancing! A complete package of an artist. 
The songstress traverse the vocal spectrum effortlessly to the extent where she is not just an ordinary vocalist, for she can also play different musical instruments. People were usually surprised and often described her as a  singer with a powerful and magnificent voice with passionate originality”. 

Music has always been part of her life. She began her own musical journey when she produced and made her debut single, "IKAW ANG IIBIGIN KO". 
On 2006,  she released her first album in the Philippines entitled " THE VERSATILE" under Ivory Records. Her second album entitled "IS THIS LOVE" under Mauve records was released in Kyoto City, Japan. 
She created a path of success of her own to follow. 
Jos Garcia, a truly "VERSATILE" singer!

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Jos Garcia Blog

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February 17 2018

The Rotary Club is one of the most prestigeous and respected organization worldwide. It is an organization of professionals mostly composed of individuals who are known and respected in the society and in their chosen fields. They aim to promote professional connections and to provide assistance within their community. 

I am truly honored that I was invited to perform infront of these persons in one of their official functions. It was truly a humbling experience to be within the same…

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Kyoto Gion Selected Repos guesting January 10, 11, 2018.

I am back HOME! 

Back at the place where I was once considered as the princess of the venue. I want to appreciate the gesture of the people who I used to work with. I am welcomed like a long lost relative visiting people that are very dear. 

To cap the night, I sang a duet with owner of the place for a customer who celebrated her birthday that night. 

To all the people who made my HOMECOMING at Selected Repos a great one, I want to let you know how grateful I am. 

Truly, this place will always be in my…

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It is always a great experience every time my bandmates and I perform in Pacific Venus Cruise. 

We always have great performances and we give credit to the technical staff and personnel of the ship for providing us great lighting and sounds. 

We also commend all other employees of the ship who helped us in all other matters that maybe directly or indirectly related to our craft. 

We also would like to appreciate our guests who see to it to witness our performance every night. It makes us feel fulfilled…

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Art Club Band and Jos Garcia CD Released Live Concert in Osaka.

It was a success! 

Thank you to all those who personally witnessed the album release of "My Favorite Swing" by Jos Garcia and the Art Club Band. 

To the personnel and staff of the venue where we performed, I would like to thank you for all the assistance you did. To my bandmates, it was a great show and I am looking forward for our next performances. Lastly, to all supporters who are always there for us, you are the reason why we keep on doing our craft.

LOVE, Jos Garcia

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Miss.Philippines Beauty pageant 2017 at The Manila Hotel. Podcast

Mabuhay Philippines!!! 
It is my great pleasure to sing the theme song of the Miss Philippines Pageant! Last September 23 2017. 
Held at the Manila Hotel. 
This is a once in a life time opportunity and I enjoyed the experience. 
I would like to express my gratitude to Mr. Francisco Gareth Blanco for choosing me to perform the said song and for all the sponsorships he had provided me. 
Special thanks to Gener Gozum and Aldene Mayorga for the gown that I wore during the coronation night. 
This is a shout out to my…

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Judging for the contestants of The Kyoto Utawit Singing Contest. Sept.10 2017

In behalf of Mother Earth Connection Kyoto, we would like to congratulate all the winners.  
Thank you to all those who participated in the competition. Your time and effort were truly appreciated. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our sponsors who made the event a success. Above all, I am so thankful for giving me the opportunity to share my talents to all of you. 


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"DIVA'S EXTRAVAGANZA CONCERT" Sept.9,2017 at Gendai Gekijyo Hall.

Jos Garcia Live performance on stage....

I would like to acknowledge everyone who was part of our show in Takatsuki, Osaka last 9 September 2017 entitled, "Diva's Extravaganza". 

Special mention to our Executive Producer, Ms. Eri Sakamoto for being able to come up with a great show. You have exceeded expectations and had done such with much grace. 

To my fellow performers and artists, it is my pleasure to work with wonderful individuals like you. You were all great during your performances and you had…

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I may sound redundant, but I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the management and staff of Encieldes Bridal Bouquet and Herb Garden. The trust and confidence they have in me is one of the reasons why I always enjoy performing for them. Above all, I am happy to announce that as early as now, the management of Encieldes already informed me of another show for next year. May our professional relationship blooms to its full potential in every engagement we work together. Once again, thank you to…

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I would like to recognize the management and staff of Oriental Kyoto Suzaku-Tei for having me as their guest performer last 5 August 2017. I always enjoy performing for them for the simple reason that they always makes me feel welcome and adored. I would also want to say my gratitude to those who enjoyed my music and watched me live as I perform my brand of music on stage. I am looking forward for more opportunities to show my God given talent in their music hall.

Love, Jos Garcia


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Tenkaippin (CEO) Mr. Kimura Sacho Birthday Party at Agaryanse Kyoto, Japan ( June 2, 2017)

To Mr. Tenkaippin and his son Kazu, 

I would like to grab this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude for inviting me to perform in your special event. 

Thank you for the chance you had given me to share my talents and make everyone appreciate my genre of music. 

I am looking forward to perform in your special events in the near future. 
Love, Jos Garcia ジンジン

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To the organizers of "Balik Tanaw, Philippine Cultural Show", kindly accept my heart felt gratitude for inviting me and trusting my talents. Special shout out to the Nursing Care Caring Caregivers Club (NCCCCLUB). It is always my pleasure to be part of your events. Looking forward for more in the future. Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who went and spent some of their precious time to watch our show. Your presence is much appreciated. To God be the glory.


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Jos Garcia and The Art Club band live Concert.

 "at the "PACIFIC VENUS CRUISE" Christmas season 2016 . (Osaka, Nagoya,Kobe,Kyusyu,Yokohama)."

"Jos Garcia Performing live on the stage".

"Ballroom dance hall"
"Theater inside the cruise ship".
" My room at the Pacific Venus Ship".
" My Bed "
"Me~ during rehearsal".
"Rehersal with the Art Club Band"

Utawit 2016

Utawit singing contest Kyoto,Japan 2016

I am one of the Judges.

Visual artist and graphic designer Mr. Dennis Sun.

Honorable Philippine Consulate General John Jerome O. Castro.

Speech of the Chairman of the judges.

I will smile and and give love to everyone~but i will give my heart to only one.

I will smile and and give love to everyone~but i will give my heart to only one.

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